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How We Serve

We opened our restaurant as a way of keeping the Japanese tradition of authentic sushi making alive and to introduce real sushi to people in Canada. Our sushi bar does not serve rolls. Our chef benefits from over 30 years of training and experience to meticulously prepare Edomae sushi with respect for the quality products available.
At Sushi Bar Maumi, we import fish from Japan. Depending on what we receive, our chef decides if the fish are best served fresh or cured in order to bring out Umami, which means delicious taste in Japanese. Chef Maumi Ozaki incorporates passion and great attention to detail when preparing sushi, piece by piece. He thinks of the temperature of the rice, how to present the sushi and the order in which to serve them.



At Sushi Bar Maumi, we take pride in serving quality nigiri sushi using traditional and refined techniques. Our small restaurant welcomes 10 persons per service maximum in a relaxed atmosphere where sushi making is elevated to an art form. That is why we ask our customers to turn off their phones, talk quietly, avoid wearing strong perfume or cologne and be respectful of the environment and the people around them for a richer and more enjoyable experience.

Reservations are required. Children under 18 years old are not admitted, adults only.


Customers can make reservations Tuesday t0 Sunday and choose between our different evening services.


≪Dine in≫
6 days a week except Monday

1st service: 6:00 PM - 7:45 PM

2nd service: 7:45 PM - 9:30 PM

Closed on Monday

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Sushi Bar Maumi imports seasonal fish from Japan according to the number of reservations. That is why we have to charge fees to customers who are not on time or cancel.

•       The chef serves customers at the same time (maximum of 10 customers per service), so it         is important to be on time.
•       Customers who arrive 30 minutes late or more will not be served and a cancellation                   charge will apply, which means that deposited $50/person will not be returned.
•       If members of a group make multiple reservations that, when combined, exceed a total of         4 guests, the entire group will be asked to leave, and will be charged $50 deposit/person.
•       Customers who cancel less than 48 hours prior to their reservation date and do not show         will be charged $50 deposit/person.

•       If a customer included in your reservation cannot attend, he or she will still be charged               $50 deposit/person.

If you are cancelling or modifying your reservation, please make sure you receive a confirmation email that confirms the changes. Changes will not be completed properly if you do not receive the confirmation email, and you will be charged accordingly. If you have any questions, please call us.

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