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Omakase means "the Chef’s best choice" in Japanese.

Highly recommended by the chef!
Our restaurant specializes in Omakase Nigiri. Premium Omakase Nigiri Sushi must be ordered ($135+tax), which consists of 13 pieces nigiri sushi and miso soup, first and then customers may order other things from the menu. Nigiri rice may be ordered in small portions by request, but please note that if you don’t eat the rice that is served with your Omakase, you won’t be allowed to order extra Nigiri Sushi.

We are also offering an option to add a Japanese sake flight with 3 varieties, which can be selected at the time of reservation and will be served at a special price of ($15 +Tax). Please note that this option is only available when making a reservation, and we will not accept any orders later when you dine in.On the day of your visit, you will still have a variety of sake options to choose from.

We are delighted to serve you authentic Japanese fresh fish and offer you an enjoyable experience.

The Sushi Chef thinks of details when he serves you, the customer. He thinks of the temperature of the sushi rice, the display, and the order of which type of Sushi to serve.

Maumi, the chef will serve you sushi piece by piece. The best way to eat sushi is to eat the piece that is served right away.
The fish we serve are imported daily from Japan and we prepare them accordingly. 

Some are served as fresh as they are and some need to be cured to bring its own best taste (umami).
That’s how sushi is served in Japan.
Some sushi has home made sauce on the fish, so please eat them as they are.
There are 3 different home made sauces.

1.Nikiri Shoyu(Strong) is made of bonito flakes, dried kelp, soy sauce, mirin

  (sweet cooking rice wine), and sake. This is then boiled down to less than half of its original volume.

2.Nikiri Shoyu(Regular) is made of bonito flakes, dried kelp, soy sauce, mirin

  (sweet cooking rice wine), and sake.

3.Tsume is made of BBQ conger head, sake, soy sauce, sugar, and bonito flakes.

*Mojio is made of Hondawara, kelp and sea salt.

*Please note that extra wasabi is $5 and extra ginger is $3.
If you take photos, please only take photos of what you ordered.

*Additional Nigiri Sushi may be ordered after the last Omakase piece has been served.

Dine in Menu: Text

≪Dine in≫

6 days a week except Thursday

Only 1 seating : 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Closed on Thursday

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