How to order take out:  

Please follow these easy steps!

1. Add to cart

Please choose any desired toppings and select quantity.

2. Order now

Click "For: specific time". Please set the date and time of your pick up. The time must be between 6:00 and 6:30 PM.

3. Continue as a guest

You can also connect your Facebook account if you want.

4. Confirm the pick up location

​Please verify the address of our restaurant.

5. Fill out your information
Please verify that your phone number and Email address are correct.

6. Payment information

7. Confirm order

Please check your order, pick up date/time and the privacy policy.

8. Please check your e-mail

You will recive a receipt and an order confirmation by e-mail from Sushi Bar Maumi. Please let us know if you don't recive them.